Caravan or Cabin for Your Holiday?

Visiting a holiday park is a fun experience for the whole family, and finding the right type of lodging helps all of you relax and enjoy the activities and surroundings. Many holiday parks now give you a choice between driving your own (or a hired) caravan and parking in a designated spot, or staying in a cabin. If you're used to doing one, you may not realise that the other could be a better choice for you, depending on your plans. Read More 

What to Check Before Choosing a Caravan Park for Your Holiday

A caravan park is a great way to enjoy any holiday, especially if travelling with your family or when on a budget. You don't need to worry about the cost of hotels when you have a caravan and it's often more affordable to prepare your own meals in your caravan than having to eat at a hotel restaurant every day. When you are considering staying at a caravan park for your next holiday, there are a few things you'll want to check on to ensure you opt for the right park that you'll love being at once you arrive. Read More 

How to Eat Healthy Meals in Your Motel Room

If you are planning on staying in a motel, you might have nothing but a refrigerator and microwave in the room. When this is the case, you need to get creative with your meals. You may not want to eat out for every meal of the day, and the motel most likely doesn't provide free breakfast. Here are some tips for eating healthy in a room with just a microwave and refrigerator. Read More 

4 Features to Look for in Wheelchair-friendly Motels

If you or a family member needs wheelchair-friendly motel accommodation for an overnight or extended stay, then certain features will make your experience more pleasant than others. While you may not need all the luxuries of the world, some comforts are necessary for wheelchair-bound guests. This guide is designed to help you look for specific wheelchair-friendly features in motel accommodation. On-Premise Restaurant You'll ideally want to look for motel accommodation that comes with an on-premise restaurant for catering to your daily meal needs. Read More 

3 Important Questions to Ask When You’re Considering Purchasing a Pub for Sale

Buying a pub is not like buying a standard restaurant, as a pub will mean more alcohol sales and often an entirely different crowd than with a family restaurant. You'll need to make different decisions when running a pub versus a restaurant, and it's good to understand this long before you ever buy the facility. Note a few important questions to ask when you're considering a pub for sale so you know what's involved and are prepared. Read More