What to Check Before Choosing a Caravan Park for Your Holiday

A caravan park is a great way to enjoy any holiday, especially if travelling with your family or when on a budget. You don't need to worry about the cost of hotels when you have a caravan and it's often more affordable to prepare your own meals in your caravan than having to eat at a hotel restaurant every day. When you are considering staying at a caravan park for your next holiday, there are a few things you'll want to check on to ensure you opt for the right park that you'll love being at once you arrive.

Ask about campfires

If you want to roast marshmallows at night or just sit around the campfire telling stories, note that these might not always be allowed in some parks or may only be allowed in some areas of the park. This is often for the safety of other campers and because some parks may be very rugged, so there is a risk of sparks catching fire along the surrounding grass or vegetation.

Note laundry facilities

If your caravan doesn't have a washer, check on laundry facilities and where they're located in the park, as well as their capacity. If the park doesn't offer a laundry facility, you'll probably need to find a nearby cleaners. A park with just one small facility may see all the machines used at once, and you may want to choose a spot for your caravan that is close to the facility if you're travelling with kids and know you'll be doing several loads of laundry. It may seem like a small detail, but lugging a heavy laundry basket or having to drive back and forth to the washing centre can detract from an otherwise enjoyable stay at the park.

Ask about a camper's kitchen

Depending on the size and facilities of your caravan, you might want to ask about a camper's kitchen. This is a separate cooking area for use by the guests of the park; it might include a full stove as well as a coffeemaker, microwave, freezers and an eat-in area. This can be a good choice for when your caravan doesn't have a kitchen or doesn't offer much food prep space; even if you use it a few times on your holiday, it can allow you to spread out more when preparing your meals and you may enjoy having those conveniences of a full kitchen even when camping.