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What to Check Before Choosing a Caravan Park for Your Holiday

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A caravan park is a great way to enjoy any holiday, especially if travelling with your family or when on a budget. You don’t need to worry about the cost of hotels when you have a caravan and it’s often more affordable to prepare your own meals in your caravan than having to eat at a hotel restaurant every day. When you are considering staying at a caravan park for your next holiday, there are a few things you’ll want to check on to ensure you opt for the right park that you’ll love being at once you arrive. Ask about campfires If you want to roast marshmallows at night or just sit around the campfire telling stories, note that these might not always be allowed in some parks or may only be allowed in some areas of the park. This is often for the safety of other campers and because some parks may be very rugged, so there is a risk of sparks catching fire along the surrounding grass or vegetation. Note laundry facilities If your caravan doesn’t have a washer, check on laundry facilities and where they’re located in the park, as well as their capacity. If the park doesn’t offer a laundry facility, you’ll probably need to find a nearby cleaners. A park with just one small facility may see all the machines used at once, and you may want to choose a spot for your caravan that is close to the facility if you’re travelling with kids and know you’ll be doing several loads of laundry. It may seem like a small detail, but lugging a heavy laundry basket or having to drive back and forth to the washing centre can detract from an otherwise enjoyable stay at the park. Ask about a camper’s kitchen Depending on the size and facilities of your caravan, you might want to ask about a camper’s kitchen. This is a separate cooking area for use by the guests of the park; it might include a full stove as well as a coffeemaker, microwave, freezers and an eat-in area. This can be a good choice for when your caravan doesn’t have a kitchen or doesn’t offer much food prep space; even if you use it a few times on your holiday, it can allow you to spread out more when preparing your meals and you may enjoy having those conveniences of a full kitchen even when...

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How to Eat Healthy Meals in Your Motel Room

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If you are planning on staying in a motel, you might have nothing but a refrigerator and microwave in the room. When this is the case, you need to get creative with your meals. You may not want to eat out for every meal of the day, and the motel most likely doesn’t provide free breakfast. Here are some tips for eating healthy in a room with just a microwave and refrigerator. Buy Fresh Fruits and Vegetables The first thing you should do is buy plenty of fruits and vegetables that can be kept in the room. Fresh produce can often be left in room temperature for a short period of time, so you don’t need to take up the precious space available in the room’s mini fridge. By having fruits and vegetables in your room, they not only allow you to have fresh, healthy snacks at your disposable, but can be combined with protein to make healthy lunch and dinner meals as well. Melons, bananas, apples, and tomatoes don’t need to go in the refrigerator. You can also keep potatoes in the room and make baked potatoes right in the microwave. Pre-Cook Your Protein Source Another great option for cooking healthy meals in your motel room is by pre-cooking some protein sources, then bringing them with you on your trip. You can cook protein items like hamburger patties, chicken breast, and fish filets. Cover them in foil and put them in plastic storage containers. Bring them with you on your trip, keeping them in an ice chest, then placing them in the refrigerator as soon as you get to the motel. If you are not going to a motel near your own home, you can go to your nearest grocery store and select pre-cooked items, such as a rotisserie chicken. Bring Healthy Snacks If you want to avoid going to the vending machine every time oyu want a snack, bring some healthy snacks with you. Aside from fruits and vegetables, there are plenty of other snacks that are easy to prepare, many of which don’t even require a refrigerator. For example, you can pack some protein bars, granola bars, and bags of nuts or seeds. Since you have a microwave, bringing along bags of popcorn is a great option, along with string cheese and yogurt to keep in the mini fridge. Consider Meals You Can Microwave There are plenty of meals you can make with nothing but a microwave. For breakfast, you can scramble some eggs in a bowl and put them in the microwave for a couple minutes. Eat them with just salt and pepper, or add some shredded cheese and have yourself a cheesy egg scramble. There are also bags of frozen vegetables to keep in the mini fridge that you can microwave right in the bag. Combine those with leftover chicken from your rotisserie chicken and you have a healthy, balanced...

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4 Features to Look for in Wheelchair-friendly Motels

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If you or a family member needs wheelchair-friendly motel accommodation for an overnight or extended stay, then certain features will make your experience more pleasant than others. While you may not need all the luxuries of the world, some comforts are necessary for wheelchair-bound guests. This guide is designed to help you look for specific wheelchair-friendly features in motel accommodation. On-Premise Restaurant You’ll ideally want to look for motel accommodation that comes with an on-premise restaurant for catering to your daily meal needs. This is especially valuable when you have a disability because it enables you to conveniently eat your meals without having to leave the motel. Before booking your motel accommodation, find out about the restaurant and food services to ensure they meet your specific needs.   Main Floor Facilities or Disabled Lift Access Most wheelchair-friendly properties should ideally offer their main facilities on a single floor level to reduce the burden on a wheelchair-bound person. This means that the reception, restaurant, bar, entertainment area and motel rooms should ideally be on one level to provide easy access for all individuals. If any facilities are located on another level, disabled lift access should easily be made available to guests. This will ensure that wheelchair passengers aren’t restricted to certain areas. Wheelchair Accessible Rooms Every disabled room should ideally have wide doorways, wide showers and bathroom wall handrails for the convenience of wheelchair-bound guests. Apart from these features, rooms should come with lower sideboards, lower cupboards and lower beds to make it easier for disabled guests to use. There should also be enough space between the beds, cupboards, cabinets and walls to permit free wheelchair movement within the room. Before booking any motel accommodation, be sure to find out about the wheelchair accessibility in rooms for your convenience. Ramp Access to All Areas of the Motel Ramps will make it easy for people on wheelchairs to access all areas of the motel accommodation, especially when they need to combat level differences from one section to another. Ramp access to the lobby of the hotel is extremely important from the car park or main entrance, so be sure to check this with the motel before making a booking with them. Many motels also provide ramp access to pool areas, bars, restaurants, entertainment rooms and other areas within the property. These features are ideal for wheelchair-bound guests, so they are not confined to the motel room. Make sure you look out for these features in wheelchair-friendly motel...

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3 Important Questions to Ask When You’re Considering Purchasing a Pub for Sale

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Buying a pub is not like buying a standard restaurant, as a pub will mean more alcohol sales and often an entirely different crowd than with a family restaurant. You’ll need to make different decisions when running a pub versus a restaurant, and it’s good to understand this long before you ever buy the facility. Note a few important questions to ask when you’re considering a pub for sale so you know what’s involved and are prepared. 1. What is the amount of wet sales versus dry sales? Wet sales refers to the sales of alcohol and dry sales means the sale of foodstuffs. You need to understand the proportion of these sales for a pub as it will affect your inventory, staff, and the like. If a pub makes more money from dry sales or food, you’ll need to hire more cooking staff and waiters and waitresses. You’ll also need to consider incidentals such as dishes and getting them washed and dried, as well as condiments, comfortable tables for eating, and the like. If the sales is more for alcohol, you’ll need more pub tables, more choices of beer and other such items, and so on. Be sure you know the ratio of wet and dry sales before you purchase a pub of any sort. 2. Are there letting rooms with the pub? Letting rooms can be a good business for a pub especially if it’s located near a favorite venue for weddings and other such occasions. If you buy a pub with letting rooms then you need to consider yourself like a hotel. This means more staff for checking in overnight guests, a laundry room for towels and linens, and the like. You may also need additional permits and licenses. Be sure you understand everything involved with letting rooms with your pub before you decide on a purchase. 3. Note the number of permanent staff members Buying a pub doesn’t always mean you’ll have permanent staff members as part of the deal. Be sure you ask about this and note the longevity of the staff currently employed. If there is a high turnover, you may need to start hiring staff as soon as you purchase the pub. This can be more of a hassle than you realize. Note the number of permanent staff they have and if you can trust that they will stick with the pub after the...

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Coastal Vacations | 4 Must-Have Features to Look For in Quality Boutique Accommodation

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If you’re a beach lover, then the idea of a coastal vacation is extremely appealing. Finding good beachside accommodation for your next family vacation requires careful thought and planning, especially if you want to take away only good memories of your trip. While price is an important factor for choosing beachside boutique accommodation, you’ll also want to consider these other features to make your beachside vacation truly unforgettable.   Easy Beachside Access Perhaps the most important factor when it comes to finding coastal accommodation is an easy-access beach or beachfront setting. Having a beach at your disposal is likely to be on the top of your priority list, so you’ll want to find a place that provides you with easy access. Some beachfront properties may even provide you with access to a private beach, so you won’t have to worry about bustling crowds on your coastal vacation. Swimming Pool with Sunbeds and Umbrellas Besides easy beachside access, you’ll also want an in-ground swimming pool with sunbeds and umbrellas to relax when you’re not on the beach. A swimming pool is an essential fixture of any quality beachside accommodation, serving as an alternative entertainment spot for you and your family — especially if you’re not comfortable swimming in the sea. Accommodations equipped with swimming pools and additional features like Jacuzzis, hot tubs, sunbeds and beach umbrellas can make your vacation more enjoyable, so be sure to look out for these features. Beachside Amenities You’ll naturally want beachfront entertainment, whether you’re planning on surfing, snorkelling, swimming, boating or undertaking some other beachside activity. A quality beachside accommodation must be able to provide you with basic amenities, including snorkelling goggles, surfboards and kayaks — either through their own in-house services or through contacts with local beachside operators. Be sure to get in touch with the hotel before booking to find out about beachside amenities provided.  Quiet Location When you book coastal accommodation, chances are you’re looking for a relaxing time away from the bustle and noise of a major city centre. With this in mind, a quiet hotel location becomes supremely important for a good holiday. A quality beachside accommodation should be able to provide quiet solitude in their rooms and surrounding premises, so you can relax and unwind without the stress of loud noises. For example, you may want to book a room with a private ocean-facing balcony, rather than pool facing — this way you can enjoy the soothing beach waves, instead of children screaming around the pool area. Be sure to check the location of your hotel and room carefully before booking. Keep these must-have features in mind for booking a quality beachside...

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Tired of Uncomfortable Mattresses? 5 Tips to Make the Mattress in Your Furnished Apartment More Comfortable

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If you are staying in a furnished or serviced apartment, you have to sleep on a strange mattress. Unfortunately, even a high-quality mattress can be uncomfortable if it isn’t the type of mattress you prefer. However, there are ways to ensure the mattress in your furnished apartment is as comfortable as possible. Check out these five tips: 1. Test it If possible, before renting a furnished apartment, test out the bed. Don’t just look at the bedroom; go into the flat and lie down. If the mattress doesn’t seem immediately comfortable, ask the apartment manager if there are any other flats available with different mattresses. 2. Pad it If you cannot find a furnished apartment with a mattress that appeals to you, invest in padding. Depending on what you like, you can buy a range of pads that meet those needs. You can sink into a feather-filled pillow-esque mattress topper, or you can get a slightly more firm memory foam mattress topper. If affordability is a major consideration to you, check out egg crate mattress toppers. 3. Invest in pillows In addition to padding, look for pillows. You can buy a range of therapeutic pillows that make any mattress more comfortable. There are leg spacer pillows, leg wedge pillows, lumbar roll pillows and even full body pillows. Propped up by those, your body is sure to feel more comfortable, regardless of how the mattress is. 4. Use luxurious bedding If you rent a serviced apartment, bedding may be included, but if you don’t find it inviting, fold it up and stick it in the closet. Then, replace it with something that feels luxurious to you. Soft all cotton bedding, sheets with high thread counts and thick duvets may not alter your mattress, but they will change your sleeping experience and hopefully make it more comfortable. 5. Choose a serviced apartment with full service housekeeping Instead of just renting a furnished apartment, consider renting a full service flat. Full service rental units offer a range of amenities from housekeeping services to catering services to turn-down services for your bedroom. If you opt for the latter, you get the benefit of someone coming into your flat every day, taking your bedding, washing it and ensuring you have a comfortable and inviting place to rest at the end of the day. Technically, these services do not make your mattress more comfortable, but just by making your day more convenient and your bed more inviting, services like these can help to create the illusion that your bed is more comfortable. Learn more about your options by contacting companies like Executive...

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Making the Most Out of Your Trip: 3 Reasons to Book a Condo

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Australia is a fun vacation destination, as there are plenty of activities to do and plenty to see.  If you and your family are planning to have an adventure of your own, consider booking a condo instead of a hotel if you have children. Here are three reasons why. Enjoy More Privacy with Your Spouse or Partner A hotel room can be quite cramped, and you and your spouse may have a hard time enjoying each other’s company since the amount of privacy that you’ll have is limited. If you are sharing a bed with your children, you may also end up staying up all night due to their tossing and turning. Condos allow families to stay together in a single accommodation while everyone gets to have separate rooms. This allows for more privacy without compromising on safety, as some parents are concerned that their children may take advantage of their privileges if they are to get their own hotel room. A More Well-rounded Trip Unlike hotel and motel rooms, condos typically have kitchens that are equipped with all of the appliances that you’ll need. You and your family will have the freedom of being able to skip a meal or two while on vacation and spend time perhaps cooking at the condos. Preparing some of the meals at home, like a simple breakfast, can help you save a lot of money on your vacation that can be spent elsewhere. In fact, you can even enjoy the fresh and local ingredients that can be found in your area. You can pick up fresh fish and meat from the grocery store or market and prepare a home cooked meal. Additional Amenities Can Spice Up the Trip Although you may want to explore all of Australia as much as you can, you might still want to relax after a long day of adventures. Most condos also include additional amenities, like swimming pools, a Jacuzzi or even a collection of DVDs and video games for the children. In addition, you’ll be able to pack fewer clothes thanks to the built-in washers and dryers that are available. Condos can be quite affordable, and at times, even cheaper than booking hotel rooms for lengthy periods of time. They allow you to submerge yourself into Australia’s culture and make a home for yourself while on vacation for a more enjoyable stay. Before booking an accommodation, check out all your options like Bed & Breakfast Brisbane Kirkland House...

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Best Rest for the Night: How to Spontaneously Choose a Motel When Travelling

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Perhaps the main difference between staying in a motel instead of a hotel is that it’s often a spontaneous decision. A hotel is a place for a holiday or a business trip, and a motel is often more of a last moment choice when you’re travelling. You’re driving a long distance, you get tired, and you know it could be rather dangerous to keep going. You need a refreshing night of sleep before pressing on in the morning. But which one of those motels by the side of the road will offer the best night’s sleep in a clean and comfortable atmosphere? What sort of things should you consider when making a last minute decision about which motel will offer the best rest for your weary head? Choosing a Chain The safest way to know exactly what you’re getting is to stay in a chain motel. A chain motel will be more or less the same if you’re staying in one of their rooms in central Brisbane or in a small town in Poland. The business has a standard of service that exists across the chain, meaning that things such as cleanliness and facilities will be up to scratch. The downside is the price, which is often more expensive than an independent motel, since chains have higher operating costs than a motel that has an owner-operator. Investigate You’re probably amongst the 57% of Australians that now own a smartphone, meaning you can connect to the internet almost anywhere you might go. You could easily take advantage of this by searching for motels in your area and reading online reviews, as well as checking their facilities. While helpful, this information is not conclusive, and you still might need to consider a few other factors before making a decision. Car Park When choosing a restaurant, you’re more likely to opt for the place that is full of customers, instead of the place where the wait staff are standing around with nothing to do. Following the herd often means you’ll get a better product or service, since it’s usually popular for a reason. If the motel’s car park is mostly empty and you’ll be one of just a few guests, there might be a reason behind this. Look for a motel that has a vacancy, but also has a fairly full car park. Such a motel is likely to be of a high enough standard to warrant such popularity. Fill Your Stomach Staying in a motel while travelling is not really a holiday, and you probably won’t want to explore the surrounding area. Look for a place that is within easy reach of the businesses you’ll need. This could be as simple as finding a place that is within walking distance to somewhere you can eat. Perhaps the motel even has cooking facilities, allowing you to save even more money by hitting the supermarket and preparing your own meal. An Inspection Most hotels and motels will allow an indecisive customer to take a quick look at a room before making up their mind. If you think you’ve found the best place, it’s a great idea to ask to see a room. It’s particularly important for independent motels that might allow pets and even smoking, since this can greatly affect the quality of...

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Some Things To Remember When Staying In A Hotel With Your Children

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In order to feel secure about your children when staying in a hotel as a family, there are some things to remember. While it is obvious to never leave a child on a balcony unattended, or to play in the corridors, there are some other important factors to consider. This article examines how to make sure that you can enjoy staying at a hotel when you have your children with you. When Booking It is worthwhile to ask the hotel you intend to stay at if they have a room that has vacant rooms on either side of your own room; this means that your children can have a little freedom in the room and will not interrupt the guests next door. It also means that you won’t need to spend all of your time telling your children to be quiet. Adjacent And Adjoining Rooms Many people fail to properly understand the difference between these two types of rooms. Adjacent rooms are situated next to each other; this means that if you book two rooms, one for you and one for your kids, you will have to go out into the hallway to enter the children’s room. Adjoining simply means that there is a door from one room to the other, meaning that you do not have to go out into the hallway to enter their room. Safety Precautions If you have young children, it is a good idea to take safety covers for the electrical outlets in the room. It is surprising how many hotels do not have these; even expensive hotels can lack in this area. For peace of mind, take a few outlet covers with you, and install them when you first enter the room. Favoutite Toy Generally speaking, it is easy to lose one or two things as you leave the hotel after your stay. There have been many cases where a parent (or child) has lost or forgotten a favorite item, such as a toy, blanket or doll. This can cause heartbreak for the child, and sometimes the parent will be forced to travel back to the hotel (if this is possible) to collect the item. Leave such items at home, where they will be there for your child’s return. Children’s Menu It is also important to check if the hotel has a menu specifically for children. Many do, but even the ones that do not may be prepared to make up a half portion for your kids – be sure to ask for a discount if this is the case. Remembering these tips will help you to enjoy your own stay at the hotel when you have your children with you. For more information, contact a hotel like Windsor Lodge...

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