4 Features to Look for in Wheelchair-friendly Motels

If you or a family member needs wheelchair-friendly motel accommodation for an overnight or extended stay, then certain features will make your experience more pleasant than others. While you may not need all the luxuries of the world, some comforts are necessary for wheelchair-bound guests. This guide is designed to help you look for specific wheelchair-friendly features in motel accommodation.

On-Premise Restaurant

You'll ideally want to look for motel accommodation that comes with an on-premise restaurant for catering to your daily meal needs. This is especially valuable when you have a disability because it enables you to conveniently eat your meals without having to leave the motel. Before booking your motel accommodation, find out about the restaurant and food services to ensure they meet your specific needs.  

Main Floor Facilities or Disabled Lift Access

Most wheelchair-friendly properties should ideally offer their main facilities on a single floor level to reduce the burden on a wheelchair-bound person. This means that the reception, restaurant, bar, entertainment area and motel rooms should ideally be on one level to provide easy access for all individuals. If any facilities are located on another level, disabled lift access should easily be made available to guests. This will ensure that wheelchair passengers aren't restricted to certain areas.

Wheelchair Accessible Rooms

Every disabled room should ideally have wide doorways, wide showers and bathroom wall handrails for the convenience of wheelchair-bound guests. Apart from these features, rooms should come with lower sideboards, lower cupboards and lower beds to make it easier for disabled guests to use. There should also be enough space between the beds, cupboards, cabinets and walls to permit free wheelchair movement within the room. Before booking any motel accommodation, be sure to find out about the wheelchair accessibility in rooms for your convenience.

Ramp Access to All Areas of the Motel

Ramps will make it easy for people on wheelchairs to access all areas of the motel accommodation, especially when they need to combat level differences from one section to another. Ramp access to the lobby of the hotel is extremely important from the car park or main entrance, so be sure to check this with the motel before making a booking with them. Many motels also provide ramp access to pool areas, bars, restaurants, entertainment rooms and other areas within the property. These features are ideal for wheelchair-bound guests, so they are not confined to the motel room.

Make sure you look out for these features in wheelchair-friendly motel accommodation.