Best Rest for the Night: How to Spontaneously Choose a Motel When Travelling

Perhaps the main difference between staying in a motel instead of a hotel is that it's often a spontaneous decision. A hotel is a place for a holiday or a business trip, and a motel is often more of a last moment choice when you're travelling. You're driving a long distance, you get tired, and you know it could be rather dangerous to keep going. You need a refreshing night of sleep before pressing on in the morning. Read More 

Some Things To Remember When Staying In A Hotel With Your Children

In order to feel secure about your children when staying in a hotel as a family, there are some things to remember. While it is obvious to never leave a child on a balcony unattended, or to play in the corridors, there are some other important factors to consider. This article examines how to make sure that you can enjoy staying at a hotel when you have your children with you. Read More