4 Features to Look for in Wheelchair-friendly Motels

If you or a family member needs wheelchair-friendly motel accommodation for an overnight or extended stay, then certain features will make your experience more pleasant than others. While you may not need all the luxuries of the world, some comforts are necessary for wheelchair-bound guests. This guide is designed to help you look for specific wheelchair-friendly features in motel accommodation. On-Premise Restaurant You'll ideally want to look for motel accommodation that comes with an on-premise restaurant for catering to your daily meal needs. Read More 

3 Important Questions to Ask When You’re Considering Purchasing a Pub for Sale

Buying a pub is not like buying a standard restaurant, as a pub will mean more alcohol sales and often an entirely different crowd than with a family restaurant. You'll need to make different decisions when running a pub versus a restaurant, and it's good to understand this long before you ever buy the facility. Note a few important questions to ask when you're considering a pub for sale so you know what's involved and are prepared. Read More 

Coastal Vacations | 4 Must-Have Features to Look For in Quality Boutique Accommodation

If you're a beach lover, then the idea of a coastal vacation is extremely appealing. Finding good beachside accommodation for your next family vacation requires careful thought and planning, especially if you want to take away only good memories of your trip. While price is an important factor for choosing beachside boutique accommodation, you'll also want to consider these other features to make your beachside vacation truly unforgettable.   Easy Beachside Access Read More 

Tired of Uncomfortable Mattresses? 5 Tips to Make the Mattress in Your Furnished Apartment More Comfortable

If you are staying in a furnished or serviced apartment, you have to sleep on a strange mattress. Unfortunately, even a high-quality mattress can be uncomfortable if it isn't the type of mattress you prefer. However, there are ways to ensure the mattress in your furnished apartment is as comfortable as possible. Check out these five tips: 1. Test it If possible, before renting a furnished apartment, test out the bed. Read More 

Making the Most Out of Your Trip: 3 Reasons to Book a Condo

Australia is a fun vacation destination, as there are plenty of activities to do and plenty to see.  If you and your family are planning to have an adventure of your own, consider booking a condo instead of a hotel if you have children. Here are three reasons why. Enjoy More Privacy with Your Spouse or Partner A hotel room can be quite cramped, and you and your spouse may have a hard time enjoying each other's company since the amount of privacy that you'll have is limited. Read More