Tired of Uncomfortable Mattresses? 5 Tips to Make the Mattress in Your Furnished Apartment More Comfortable

If you are staying in a furnished or serviced apartment, you have to sleep on a strange mattress. Unfortunately, even a high-quality mattress can be uncomfortable if it isn't the type of mattress you prefer. However, there are ways to ensure the mattress in your furnished apartment is as comfortable as possible. Check out these five tips:

1. Test it

If possible, before renting a furnished apartment, test out the bed. Don't just look at the bedroom; go into the flat and lie down. If the mattress doesn't seem immediately comfortable, ask the apartment manager if there are any other flats available with different mattresses.

2. Pad it

If you cannot find a furnished apartment with a mattress that appeals to you, invest in padding. Depending on what you like, you can buy a range of pads that meet those needs. You can sink into a feather-filled pillow-esque mattress topper, or you can get a slightly more firm memory foam mattress topper. If affordability is a major consideration to you, check out egg crate mattress toppers.

3. Invest in pillows

In addition to padding, look for pillows. You can buy a range of therapeutic pillows that make any mattress more comfortable. There are leg spacer pillows, leg wedge pillows, lumbar roll pillows and even full body pillows. Propped up by those, your body is sure to feel more comfortable, regardless of how the mattress is.

4. Use luxurious bedding

If you rent a serviced apartment, bedding may be included, but if you don't find it inviting, fold it up and stick it in the closet. Then, replace it with something that feels luxurious to you. Soft all cotton bedding, sheets with high thread counts and thick duvets may not alter your mattress, but they will change your sleeping experience and hopefully make it more comfortable.

5. Choose a serviced apartment with full service housekeeping

Instead of just renting a furnished apartment, consider renting a full service flat. Full service rental units offer a range of amenities from housekeeping services to catering services to turn-down services for your bedroom.

If you opt for the latter, you get the benefit of someone coming into your flat every day, taking your bedding, washing it and ensuring you have a comfortable and inviting place to rest at the end of the day. Technically, these services do not make your mattress more comfortable, but just by making your day more convenient and your bed more inviting, services like these can help to create the illusion that your bed is more comfortable.

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