Best Rest for the Night: How to Spontaneously Choose a Motel When Travelling

Perhaps the main difference between staying in a motel instead of a hotel is that it's often a spontaneous decision. A hotel is a place for a holiday or a business trip, and a motel is often more of a last moment choice when you're travelling. You're driving a long distance, you get tired, and you know it could be rather dangerous to keep going. You need a refreshing night of sleep before pressing on in the morning. But which one of those motels by the side of the road will offer the best night's sleep in a clean and comfortable atmosphere? What sort of things should you consider when making a last minute decision about which motel will offer the best rest for your weary head?

Choosing a Chain

The safest way to know exactly what you're getting is to stay in a chain motel. A chain motel will be more or less the same if you're staying in one of their rooms in central Brisbane or in a small town in Poland. The business has a standard of service that exists across the chain, meaning that things such as cleanliness and facilities will be up to scratch. The downside is the price, which is often more expensive than an independent motel, since chains have higher operating costs than a motel that has an owner-operator.


You're probably amongst the 57% of Australians that now own a smartphone, meaning you can connect to the internet almost anywhere you might go. You could easily take advantage of this by searching for motels in your area and reading online reviews, as well as checking their facilities. While helpful, this information is not conclusive, and you still might need to consider a few other factors before making a decision.

Car Park

When choosing a restaurant, you're more likely to opt for the place that is full of customers, instead of the place where the wait staff are standing around with nothing to do. Following the herd often means you'll get a better product or service, since it's usually popular for a reason. If the motel's car park is mostly empty and you'll be one of just a few guests, there might be a reason behind this. Look for a motel that has a vacancy, but also has a fairly full car park. Such a motel is likely to be of a high enough standard to warrant such popularity.

Fill Your Stomach

Staying in a motel while travelling is not really a holiday, and you probably won't want to explore the surrounding area. Look for a place that is within easy reach of the businesses you'll need. This could be as simple as finding a place that is within walking distance to somewhere you can eat. Perhaps the motel even has cooking facilities, allowing you to save even more money by hitting the supermarket and preparing your own meal.

An Inspection

Most hotels and motels will allow an indecisive customer to take a quick look at a room before making up their mind. If you think you've found the best place, it's a great idea to ask to see a room. It's particularly important for independent motels that might allow pets and even smoking, since this can greatly affect the quality of the room. If the room looks and smells clean, then you've probably found the best place for the night.

You'll probably only be there for a night, but you want to make sure it's the most restful night possible. It's important to take a few moments to choose the best motel for the night to ensure you're rested and recharged for the next day of your journey.